Long Distance Moving


We, the Royal Relocation professionals treat every move in a unique and special way, according to the needs of you - our customer. We cover the following services throughout your moving process:
1. We will schedule your moving date according to your moving needs 7 days a week.
2. For your convenience we will make a list of the items that will be moved.
3. Prior to your moving day we will go over your entire inventory that needs to be relocated.
4. We will fully wrap , pack and pad all the furniture and perishable items.
5. Four your convenience, we will label separately and count all your boxes.
     - In the event you decide to do your own packing ,we can recommend to you the most suitable boxes for your move.
6. The day of the move all your belongings will be counted again and loaded on our fully equipped trucks.
7. Upon an arrival at the desired destination all the boxes will be unloaded and counted again. Our crew will unwrap and set up all your belongings according to your wishes and needs.


Commercial move is a specialized field that requires extremely professional and knowledgeble team. Royal Relocation specialists have not only the experience, but the skills to direct you successfully through the whole moving process. We will coordinate your move precisely and budget secure, without any hidden costs and fees.

1. Our crews will come to your location to check and ensure that you got the right materials to pack or drop off the ones you will need.
2. If you wish to have the packing done by us , we will send our movers to do the full packing for you, including blueprints, files, pictures, computers, copy machines etc.
3. After everything is packed , we will label and count all your boxes.

We will wrap with pads and bubble wrap all the furniture and perishable items.We also will do any assebly and disassebly , prior and at the end of the move , when the goods are delivered to the destination.

Services provided:

- Identifying all belongings subject to moving
- Where necessary, disassembling and reassembling furniture
- Padding and wrapping everything which will be transported
- Arranging the sequence of moving steps
- Measuring and inspecting all spaces in order to place the moved items in a place you want them to be .

Packing and moving are time consuming and sometimes very exhausting. In order to make your relocation pleasant nad headache free we designed for you numerous combinations of box sizes.

Choose the total number of rooms you are moving and find the most suitable kit for your moving needs:

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