Moving Tips

1. Prepare a list with all your items, that need to be moved
2. Do a yard sale to get rid of items you do not need
3. Make sure you do not have in your possetion any borrowed items
4. Make the necessary phone calls to disconnect on time all your utilities such as water, power, gas
5. Two days prior to your move disconnect from the electicity, defrost and clean your refrigirator
6. Make sure that you had purchased all the packing materials, needed for your move like bubble wrap, boxes, tape
7. If you have any pets and plants that will move with you, make the arrangement for their transportation prior to your move
8. If you have any medical perscriptions transfer them to your new location
9. Order bank checks with your new address
10. Set on aside a bag with your first aid belonging- like pijamas, tooth brush, hair brush, soap, shoes and clothes
11. Make sure that you change your mailing address for your newspapers, magazine subscriptions, credit card bills and bank statements
12. Collect and gather on aside important documents and jewelry
13. Contact your family and friends with your new address
14. Arrange a disconnection date for your utilities like water, power, gas, cable tv, internet services.